Payment methods


The payment is made before or during the delivery of the product and can be made following one of the ways below:

  • Cash on Order, during the delivery of the product with an additional charge of 2€. For orders above 80, there is no additional charge.
  • PLEASE NOTE: In case your order exceeds the total amount of 300€, the goods cannot be sent cash on delivery.
  • Deposit to company bank account.
  • Online payment through the Paypal service.
  • By charging your credit or debit card (VISA, ELECTRON VISA, MASTERCARD) through the Easypay service of Pireos Bank. Additionally, by using your credit card, you have the option to request from 2 to 24 interest-free instalments, in order to pay for your order. For purchases with value from €100 to €199,99 you have up to 12 interest-free installments, and for purchases with value over €200 you have up to 24 interest-free installments.

Please deposit the amount in one of the following company bank accounts: 


Account No.: 5410-063393-586
Iban: GR 9601 7241 0000 5410 0633 93 586

National Bank of Greece

Account No.: 794-469058-32
Iban: GR 18 0110 7940 0000 7944 6905 832


Account No.: 371-002002-010166
Iban: GR 51 0140 3710 3710 0200 2010 166


Account No.: 0026-0708-90-0200-6243-28
Iban: GR 26 0260 7080 0009 0020 0624 328

Please always add your order number or your name as a reference for your deposit, as well as (It is necessary, so as not to have any delays in receiving your order). Your order will be cancelled in case of payment is not completed within 3 days.